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News > Pirates of the Burning Sea : Test New Ships, Win Prizes
Pirates of the Burning Sea : Test New Ships, Win Prizes

The folks at Pirates of the Burning Sea have announced that players who log on to the test server on Saturday and test some of the new ships from the 1.6 patch will be entered to win PotBS t-shirts and time codes.

As you may have read in Taelorn\'s recent devlog, we are introducing several new level 50 ships with the 1.6 patch.

This weekend, we\'re giving all players who have a level 45 or higher character on the live servers a chance to preview those ships!

All characters on Testbed will be automatically given the deeds when they log in on Saturday, however we will also be handing out outfittings and boosting levels to help you test the ships to their full potential. Additionally, all players who turn up for a boost will be entered into a raffle to win Pirates of the Burning Sea t-shirts and 30-day time codes. There are 5 of each up for grabs!


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